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Investing with Purpose

BluePeak Investing

BluePeak Capital Partners is a start-up impact investing club focused on four key investing philosophies: Quality Business, Contrarian, Growth, and Socially Responsible. Through this lens, our mission is to be a forward-thinking collective dedicated to a critical mission: driving positive change through ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing. At the heart of our approach lies a commitment to not just identify, but to support and invest in businesses that are making real strides in ESG practices - bettering the world we live in. BCP believes that integrating ESG considerations into our investment strategies is not just socially responsible, but is also essential for long-term financial stability and growth.

At BluePeak, we put skin in the game, allocating personal capital to companies in Canadian and American equities that meet our stringent ESG criteria. BCP focuses on long-only sectors that we believe are pivotal to a sustainable future: Planet Prosperity, Industrials, Financial Institutions, Technology Media & Telecommunication, and Consumer Goods. By leveraging a blend of in-depth research, analytical rigor, and intuitive foresight, we uncover unique, profitable investment opportunities. BluePeak's long-term vision includes expanding our investment reach, but always with the ESG compass guiding our choices. The following illustration of our portfolio's Internal Rate of Return (IRR) juxtaposed with the S&P 500's performance is a testament to our approach's effectiveness.

BCP Portfolio Returns

Financial Management at BCP

BCP has embraced a meticulous, bottom-up investment methodology with a strong emphasis on value, ensuring the careful selection of North American equities for our Canadian and U.S. portfolios. Our dedicated Investment Team leaves no stone unturned, conducting thorough due diligence involving expert consultations, advanced valuation models, and collaborative efforts with advisory members. Through our bimonthly presentations of well-crafted investment memorandums, we aim to exceed industry benchmarks, striving for superior financial outcomes that consistently outperform the market. 

Public Stock Pitches

Harnessing undervalued stocks with significant growth potential for exceptional market outperformance and investment success.

LBO Presentations

Uncover industry insights and guide acquisition strategies by providing comprehensive analysis and recommendations on LBO targets.

Valuation Models

Our diligent work ensures meticulous analysis employing a comprehensive range of valuation methodologies; DCF, COMPS, and precedent transactions, ect.

Preparing for change

As an impact investing club, BluePeak Capital Partners recognizes the critical importance of considering companies that prioritize people, planet, and profit. In a world where sustainability and ethical practices are increasingly at the forefront of consumer and investor consciousness, companies that fail to adapt to ESG standards may find their market positions and stock stability at risk. By aligning our investment strategies with sustainable practices, we aim to drive positive change while generating financial returns. Our investments are equipped to navigate market shifts, emphasizing the significance of holistic value creation for a better future.

Company Stock Downside Assessment via ESG Lens

Importance of Downside protection: If companies lack ESG efforts, long term sustainability becomes uncertain. A sustainable strategy and competitive advantage, critical to a firm’s longevity and profitability, is built upon respectful relationships with suppliers and resources in the supply chain, strong investor relations, and customer retention, and consideration of the well-being of both direct and indirect employees and the communities in which firms operate.

Committed to The Triple Bottom Line Theory

At BluePeak, we are devoted to investing in companies that follow the triple bottom line theory. The theory maintains that companies should commit to focusing as much on social and environmental concerns as they do on profits. It is a sustainability framework that measures a business's success in three key areas: profit, people, and the planet.

Profit: This is the traditional measure of corporate profit—the profit and loss (P&L) account. However, it goes beyond that ensuring that a company must earn its income in ethical, fair manners, while following its responsibility to pay its lenders, creditors, and employees what is due to them. 

People: People or social equity pertains to fair and beneficial business practices toward labour and the community and region in which a corporation conducts its business. A TBL company conceives a reciprocal social structure in which the well-being of corporate, labour and other stakeholder interests are interdependent.

Planet: The planet, environmental bottom line, or natural capital bottom line refers to sustainable environmental practices. A TBL company endeavors to benefit the natural order as much as possible or at the least do no harm and minimize environmental impact, reducing its ecological footprint.